With Christmas nearly upon us, it’s time to think about your festive hairstyles, makeup, and of course those outfits for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This is an exciting time of the year when there are loads of parties and social/family gatherings. That’s why important to look your best and wow everyone with your amazing hair.

If you’re lacking inspiration and want to get some cool stylish ideas, then go through these stunning New Year’s Eve and Christmas hairstyles, you will definitely find something for yourself.




Blue hair color

Blue hair colour is great for winter and it looks amazing when it’s snowy outside. There are many shades of blue to choose from like dark blue, pastel blue, or bright blue, for example. All look very unusual and are perfect for the holidays.



Girls with curly hair should definitely go all out for the holidays and accentuate their beautiful hair even more. Curls are something to be proud of and the great thing about them is that they always look so glamorous and stylish, without spending hours on hairstyles.


Ombres and unusual hair colours are a definite hit this season and it’s a perfect way to create a unique hairstyle. This almost grey and pastel pink look will transform your appearance immediately.


Braids are a very simple way to achieve an awesome party hairstyle. If you add a cool pastel colour to the mix, you got yourself a perfect trendy New Year’s Eve look.


Christmas can be very glamorous and it can be the perfect opportunity to shine. Updo’s are always very elegant and sophisticated and this one is fairly simple to make. Just make a big bun at the top, (it can be a bit messy, it only adds to the look) and leave out a few strands to cup your face. To be extra glamorous, add a cool hair accessory like this silver vine.


Pastel pink is the hair colour to have this winter. It is so gentle and feminine and one simple side braid is enough to make it super interesting.


If you want to be the bell of the ball then you must try this elegant updo hairstyle. The big bun looks so effortless and the strands on the side give it lightness.


For timeless elegance, make your locks wavy and gather them in a side ponytail. If you lack volume, hide some extensions in your hairstyle.


If you are a bohemian girl and want a classy holiday’s hairstyle, get inspired by these beautiful rose braids. It may look complicated to make, but it’s actually not. Simply make a regular three-strand braid and using pins, secure it a circular shape. It looks like roses, doesn’t it?



Making a statement is an easy task if you have a bright and bold hair colour. This purple and fuchsia ombre mix will turn heads and no complicated hairstyle is necessary, simply make nice waves.