Wedding Hair Up Dos

So he’s popped the question, and now you are enjoying the process of choosing your look, from your dress and shoes to your hair.  If you have medium or long hair you might be thinking about an ‘up do’, this can include all up, or some up and some down.  Below we have explored some of the different styles you could choose.

Classic Up Do


Sometimes the simplest interpretation can be the most classy and stylish. If your dress has a lot of detailing, you don’t want your hair to detract or compete with it. This classic bun not only looks fabulous but you can see how a few simple flower accessories can make it special. This is a sleek look and very effective for brunettes and blondes with good bone structure.

If your overall look is more romantic, you might choose a softer look like this one. The soft waves show the full body of the hair, framing the face but still exposing the nape of the neck. Don’t worry if you don’t think you have enough hair, this look can be created and maximised with the use of hair extensions or hair pieces.

Romantic Up Do


Straight Hair Up Do


If you want to create a look of sophistication this can be achieved with very straight long hair put up in a more intricate way. Tiny, understated gemstones placed within the hair at the back add to the elegance of this look.

Curly hair can allow for a very pretty up do on your wedding day. Prepare to hear an echo of ooh’s and ahh’s with a stunning curled up-do on your wedding day. Choose a simple middle parting, a playful side bun, or an intricate chignon for a perfect combination of whimsical and romantic. Why not add a delicate accessory to really off set the look?

Curly Up Do


Wedding Hair Plaits


Braids and plaits are sophisticated and beautiful but also every boho girls dream hair do. With more relaxed plaits with wispy curls between you can achieve a very bohemian look. If you would like a tighter more formal look then something like the picture above could be just the look you want. As always the addition of flowers or hair gems you can make a real statement.

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